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How to RECEIVE Minotaur Quest?

The Great Minotaur Quest
This is the 2nd Ultimate Boss challenge in MS. After defeating The Spirit Protector, now comes a more powerful demogorgon, The Great Minotaur.

Quest walkthrough to enter Rabidity Grotto (Great Minotaur's lair)
1.Talk to the Soldier NPC at Kai Feng, then talk to the book seller.

2.Travel to Min Sa to talk to the NPC at 1 o'clock area of the map.

3.Travel to Chang An and enter Mausoleum 1 map to talk to the Spirit Protector who is near the entrance. Make your save point at Chang Ann.

4.Go to Beijing to talk to the herbseller. Talk to the one who is near the city's save point area.

5.Go to Great Wall to find a box.

6.Go meet the Spirit Protector and then go to Top of Mt Tai to kill Wan Li for a passport.

7.Meet the Spirit Protector again with the passport and he'll ask you to go to Dun Hwang.

8.At Dun Hwang, go to the lower left corner area of the map. Talk to the soldier guarding there to enter the Rabiddity Inferno. Get Ready to rumble.

Battle walkthrough
1.You 1st see a Silent Surveillant in the map center. He has a weak but large AOE attack but can still damage you greatly like being poisoned or burned, if your HP and lv is low, better let the pros handle him.
NOTE : The Silent Protector does not drop anything nor EXP, SP and Gold. But if you dun kill him you won't see the bull bosses.

SPECIAL TIPS : this guy attacks only if anyone went near it to attack. Pose a big trouble for others trying to help cuz if any one use close range attacks like Nu Pi, Ye Chou, Chan Song and Fon Chi. It will unlease the AOE lightning attack. Although weak damage but it damage you continuously like poison and burn. To kill it effectively you must use ranged attacks. DO NOT step near till you touch the boss or everyone will have a shock of their lives. You dun wanna have a bunch of fried and angry comrades beating you to a pulp.

2.Split into 2 groups when the Silent Surveillant dies. Minotaur and Balla Wisp guards will appear all aroung the place. Group A (main power attackers) remain in the center and Group B must lure the guard mobs away from the map center. After 5~10 seconds, group A must be prepare to fight the Icy Minotaur and Flamming Minotaur.

3.Separate the 2 Minotaurs as far away from each other as possible and group B must quickly clear off the guard mobs ASAP. The 2 Minotaurs have part of the Great Minotaur's power which makes them to be as equally powerful as the Spirit Protector. Without real JJ and other special defence skills, you'll always kiss floor in one hit. If both minotaurs are too close, their combine attack can send everyone to their grave fast. Unlike Spirit Protector's one hit kills, the minotaur minibosses harms much less but still painfull.

4.Defeat one of the Minotaurs quick and then all gather your powers to kill the other one.

5.After defeating both Minotaur bosses, player get a lot of EXP, SP and Gold. Now if you have Bank open scroll, this is your time to use it cuz the main battle is about to begin!!

The Final Battle
1.After the 2 minotaurs are dead, the annoying guard mobs will appear again. Split into two groups like before and now wait for the Great Minotaur to make his grand entrance 5~10 seonds later.

2.Sweep clean the guard mobs quickly and now do your best to kill him together. No time for any useless arguments, just kill kill kill!!

3.If succeeded in killing the Great Minotaur, prepare to enjoy more EXP, SP and Gold drops. If lucky, some rare items that are only dropped by The great Minotaur will be yours when you open the treasure chests (like the Spirit Protector's quest reward ending). For drops, see Boss topic part 1, at the bottom of the post.

Boss attacks
Here are the attacks of all 3 minotaur bosses, watch out when battling them.

Flame Breath - Straight lined flamethrower attack.

Fire Punch - Punch the ground and send fire pillars towards targets, will knock players back a long distance (further than Ru Feng fist skill).

Flame Of Anger Blast - Uses its spear to strike the ground for a fiery explosion. Small AOE, about Shan Fong skill's range.

Volcanic Explosion - Thrust the spear heavily to the ground to cause the area around him to be engulfed in flames. Very high damage and very large AOE.

Ice Breath - Straight lined ice wind attack.

Ice punch - Ice version of the flame punch.

Merciless Ice Strike - Smash the ice axe on the ground and ice pillars explode out. Small AOE, Water element.

Ice Age attack - Thrust the axe to the ground, freezing everything around in a large area with massive ice damage.

Double attack - uses both spear and axe for a 2 hits frontal attack. Long attack animation (best time to strike). Only harm player that are "targeted" when the attack starts.

Solar Flare - use the spear to send a wave of fire to damage at te right side of him.

Fire stomp - a fiery stomp, causing fire damage around the place.

Icy stomp - an icy stomp, causing ice pillars to form and damage players in the area.

Rock avalanche - roars and rocks in the grotto falls down to hurt players. Fast attack but long time to recover.

Earthquake - jump lightly twice and ends with a hard jump. Rocks and boulders will be thrown up to hurt nearby players. Damage start in the 1st jump.

Rock Smash - another fast attack, use fist to hit targets in the front like fist's Chui sin (but much more painful). Players behing the boss won't get damaged.

Demogorgon Big Bang - gathers both ice and fire power and release a big explosion spanning almost the entire map (about 50~65% of the map area). Very high damage and high critical rate. Charge time is very long for this attack so don't attack him too often, run to safety 1st or heal 1st.

Appearance time :
8 hours after a server maintenance in one channel. After each defeat, Will appear in the next channel 8 hours later. Same like the Spirit Protector's quest.


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