Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Event!

Halloween Event from 30th October 2009 after server maintainance (Friday) to 20th November 2009(Friday) to celebrate this special days. Wish all Happy Halloween.

These are the Halloween candies that you will get after the collection of certain materials!

Description of Pumpkin Army:-

Pumpkin Soldier:-} Fundamental member of Pumpkin Army, exists everywhere except the town maps, Siege War maps, event maps and etc.

Pumpkin Knight:-}
Evolved from the well trained elite Pumpkin Soldier, Pumpkin Captain serves as the main combat force of the Pumpkin Army, hence physically larger than Pumpkin Soldier. It only appears around the Jade Gate Border, Cheng Chow, Night Moon Pool, Hua Chin Pool and Taar Temple.

Pumpkin Guardian:-}
Chief leader of the Pumpkin Army, possessing powerful strength as it is really huge. However you can hardly see them, they only appear around the Jade Gate Border, Cheng Chow, Night Moon Pool, Hua Chin Pool and Taar Temple.

|Prize list:=|
Pumpkin Cake
Made of Western Pumpkin, recovers 400 HP, MP and AP accordingly once consumed.

Special Pumpkin Head (3days)
Western Pumpkin Head of the Pumpkin Soldier, partially instilled with pumpkin monster’s strength, STR+5, AGI+5, CON+5, INT+5.

Curse Pumpkin Head (1 hour)
It’s being cursed… possessing mystical ambience of the vicious pumpkin monsters, Max HP+100, Max MP+100, Max AP+100, STR+10, AGI+10, CON+10, INT+10.

Evil Pumpkin Head (3days)
Legendary Western Demon Pumpkin Head, instilled with powerful pumpkin monster’s strength, Max HP+300, Max MP+300, Max AP+300, STR+20, AGI+20, CON+20, INT+20. It's untradable.

For more info please check here:-

Friday, October 16, 2009

250% Celebration of Deepavali Festive

Character Experience 250%,
Party Experience 250%, and
KungFu Exp 205%

16th of October 19:00 to 18th of October 23:59

Everyone gets to enjoy both the holiday!

MoSiang Online Operation Team wishes everyone Happy Deepavali.
Due to a abnormal disruption on TMnet recently, players might experience certain difficulty
connectiong to games hosted by Run Up Game.

We are now in the process of fixing the disruptions and hope that problem can be
resolved in the shortest time possible.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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